Throughout 2022 the Nature Foundation St. Maarten (NFSXM) will partner with the California Academy of Sciences (Cal Academy) in order to execute a large scale Nature Education Gap Analysis and material creation to be used by Educators, Organizations, and Schools on St. Maarten.

Project Objective

This project would give the NFSXM and local educators an in-depth look at the current level of Nature Education at schools on Sint Maarten, including materials, equipment, goals, and opportunities. To collect and analyze this info several meetings/interviews/community sessions will be held with; educators, biodiversity scientists, environmental policy officers, principals, after-school programs, the Minister of Education and Minister of VROMI (environment).

With this information foundation staff and Cal Academy will co-create educational resources featuring local species and environmental stewardship. In addition, professional-development sessions will be held to facilitate implementation of materials. This ensures that the results of this program will be long-lasting and the effects will be able to ripple throughout the communities of St. Maarten. A renewed focus on nature education will be more accessible for educators and students and future generations of St. Maarteners will be introduced to the beauty and importance of preserving their island’s natural resources.


The focus of the Environmental Learning Seed Project (part of the Islands 2030 Initiative) by Cal Academy is to support local organizations and educators in understanding the needs and strengths of each other so that a sustainable and equitable environmental education model that connects students, their teachers and families with biodiversity and regeneration in their communities can be designed and developed.

*The California Academy of Sciences is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to regenerate the natural world through science, learning, and collaboration

Educating the youth is a key component of successful and sustainable conservation efforts. The Nature Foundation values environmental learning as one of the key pillars in preserving and protecting the island of St. Maarten. Studies have shown that effective environmental education not only teaches students scientific information, but it also inspires them to have positive environmental mindset and values and gives them to tools to positively impact the world around them.

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Are you an educator, biodiversity scientist, environmental policy officer, principal, after-school program on Sint Maarten? Do you want to increase the education of the environment you provide? Or, are you a parent or student who would like to contribute to conversations about Nature Education in local schools?

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