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With well over two dozen dive sites on the Dutch side, St. Maarten offers a variety of diving opportunities, from shallow reef dives to deeper wreck dives. The marine life around the island is rich in biodiversity and abundance, and attracts divers from all regions. While the Man of War Shoal Marine Park offers the most prominent and pristine diving sites around St. Maarten, there are many excellent sites outside of the park to explore.

Whether you are diving with one of the amazing companies on-island or hoping to dive from your own boat, there are rules and regulations to follow and valuable information to have. Most importantly, you must purchase dive tags with the Nature Foundation to dive anywhere on St. Maarten, even outside of the Marine Park. We strongly recommend that visitors dive with a St. Maarten dive club unless they are well-acquainted with the area. Many sites have unique features and weather-dependent characteristics that would be best and most safely enjoyed with the use of a local dive guide.

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There is currently a die-off of Diadema (Long Spine) Sea Urchins throughout the Caribbean. Use this site to register any sightings and help us work to protect this important species. 

Diadema Sea Urchins play an important role in regulating algae growth on coral reefs. Learn more about them here:

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