To dive in St. Maarten, each visitor must purchase a diving tag and vessel operators

must register and pay for their personal boat. Learn more here.

With over 3,100 ha (7,660 acres), the Man of War Shoal Marine Park is home to some of the island’s last pristine reef areas and hosts nine main dive sites within the main park zone and the larger conservation zone. Outside of the park, there are dozens of incredible dive sites that are similarly marked by a red surface or underwater buoy.

The Nature Foundation recommends that all visitors dive with a local St. Maarten/St. Martin dive club unless they are well-acquainted with the area. The depths of the reefs and wrecks vary from 5m/15 feet to 30m/110 feet and may change rapidly. Many have unique features and weather-dependent characteristics that would be best and most safely enjoyed with the use of a local dive guide. Learn more about our local dive shops here.

This page features the coordinates of the Marine Park, an illustrated and online map to help guide experienced divers, and a list of the common dive sites on St. Maarten.

Coordinate Boundaries

The boundaries of the marine park comprised of four coordinates:

  • 18° 00.0′ N -63° 04.5′ W   18° 00.0′ N -63° 01.3′ W
  • 17° 57.0′ N -63° 04.5′ W   17° 57.0′ N -63° 01.3′ W

Within the boundary of the park, the following areas must remain open to shipping anytime:

  • To the left of 17° 58.55′ N -63° 04.5′ W & 18° 00.0′ N -63° 03.9′ W
  • To the right of 17° 58.55′ N -63° 01.3′ W & 18° 00.0′ N -63° 03.0′ W
  • To the south of 17° 58.4′ N -63° 04.5′ W & 17° 58.4′ N -63° 01.3′ W

Illustrated Map

Google Map

The link can be accessed here. If you like, you are welcome to reuse our OpenGIS data and create your own version of the map. But you may not modify our data points. You are allowed to modify their appearance, however. Feel free to add your own data points as long as they’re clearly identifiable as your own data points and not easily confused with our data points. And… do let us know about your cool creation using our map/park/site data!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Common Dive Sites

Dive SiteMax DepthWreck/Reef
Long Bay17m/55ftReef
The Gregory17m/55ftWreck/Reef
Fuh Sheng34m/110ftWreck
The Bridge15m/50ftWreck
Isabella’s Reef28m/90ftWreck/Reef
Frenchman’s Reef9m/25ftReef
Carib Cargo20m/65ftWreck
Little Bay10m/30ftWreck/Reef
Lucy’s Barge17m/55ftWreck
Cable Reef20m/65ftReef
Mike’s Maze15m/50ftReef
Big Momma’s Reef18m/60ftReef
Time Tunnels17m/55ftReef
Fish Bowl18m/60ftReef
Moon Hole18m/60ftReef
One Step Beyond22m/70ftReef