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CORENA Project Coordinator (RESEMBID)



1. Background

The Government of Sint Maarten, through the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI) and in partnership with the St. Maarten Nature Foundation (the project partners), has received funding from the Resilience, Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity Programme (RESEMBID) to implement a 1-year marine biodiversity project titled “CORENA: Coastal REsilience Needs Assessment”. The Nature Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, managing the marine and terrestrial protected areas of Sint Maarten and is recognized as the organization to assist Government in all issues related to the management and research of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of St. Maarten and its preservation.

1.2 Project Description

The aim of project CORENA is to advance progress towards sustainable and resilient area-based (spatial) management of the marine and coastal environment of Sint Maarten. The marine and coastal resources of Sint Maarten are not managed sustainably, and this is primarily due to limited: capacity, data, awareness and regulations. Therefore, the specific objectives of project CORENA are to enhance the capacity of the Ministry of VROMI for evidence-based policy development and to increase the knowledge and willingness of the public to engage in sustainable practices. Activities to achieve these objectives include baseline biodiversity assessments, socio-economic valuations, assessing risks and vulnerabilities and drafting sustainable management plans. Additionally, a targeted education and awareness campaign will be conducted and effective behavioural change interventions identified.

2. Functional Responsibilities

The Project Coordinator will be responsible for day-to-day coordination of project execution by the project partners and contractors, monitoring & evaluation, administrative and financial management, stakeholder management and reporting. The Project Coordinator will be hired through the Nature Foundation and based within the Ministry of VROMI to facilitate and coordinate communication between project partners.

2.1 Execution and Coordination of Project Activities

  • Plan, initiate and coordinate project activities in line with approved project documents.
  • Drafting Job Descriptions and Terms of References for project supported staff and contractors.
  • Support the project partners to evaluate and select suitable candidates for project implementation.
  • Initiate and coordinate purchase of necessary equipment and materials.
  • Coordinate project activities with crosscutting goals to minimize duplication of efforts.
  • Coordinate communication of project activities between contractors and project partners.
  • Regularly visit project partners, attend field visits and workshop of the contractors as appropriate.
  • Follow-up with partners and contractors on timely execution of agreed upon task, activities and submission of deliverables, providing additional support not covered by contracts in case necessary.

2.2 Management of the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) System

  • Plan and coordinate kick-off, interim and final project evaluation meeting.
  • Present and validate MEAL approach during kick-off meeting and establish project steering committee.
  • Design MEAL (stakeholder and behavioral intention) surveys to establish baseline and evaluation of project outcomes.
  • Oversee the testing of surveys before training or deployment.
  • Train surveyors on data collection for baseline and evaluation surveys, together with relevant project partners.
  • Coordinate data export and analysis for internal communication, reporting and presentation during MEAL meetings.
  • Organize interim MEAL evaluation meeting to provide an opportunity to evaluate project indicators and targets and make any necessary adjustments. Ensure dissemination of finding from meeting.
  • Organize final MEAL evaluation meeting at the end of the project to present findings on project effectiveness to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Prepare Quarterly MEAL reports with input from project partners and consultants.
  • Plan and Coordinate external Final Evaluation of overall project effectiveness.

2.3 Administrative and Financial Management

  • Keeping track of expenditures and update financial reports accordingly.
  • Ensure bookkeeping/auditing requirements from VROMI, project partners and RESEMBID are met.
  • Ensure that all appropriate records and files for project management, accountability and bookkeeping are being properly and confidentially stored in line with guidelines of VROMI, project partners and RESEMBID.

2.4 Stakeholder Management

  • Coordinate establishment of project steering committee together with the focal point from the Ministry of VROMI, Ministry of TEATT and/or the Ministry of General Affairs.
  • Organize monthly project steering committee meetings and communicate outcomes.
  • Addressing any grievances from project beneficiaries or project stakeholders with the Ministry of VROMI.

2.5 Reporting & Communication of Outcomes

  • Report project progress to the VROMI focal point and Nature Foundation Manager on a weekly basis and to the project steering committee on a monthly basis, in order to signal bottlenecks and any issues-needing strategic decision-making.
  • Reporting outcomes from the MEAL kick-off meeting and MEAL interim meeting to VROMI. Together with the VROMI focal point, ensuring updates to the project MEAL design as well as outcomes on economic, social and environmental impacts can be circulated within the Ministry, the Contracting Authority.
  • Prepare project related press releases as necessary and circulate these will project partners for review.
  • Compiling a report with best practices after the MEAL evaluation meeting and submitting this to VROMI. Assisting with ensuring the final project outcome will be made available to the public through appropriate means.
  • Ensuring timely reporting to RESEMBID on project administration as well as MEAL outcomes.
  • Prepare Interim and final Narrative and Financial Reports for RESEMBID.

3. Qualifications and Skills

3.1 Education

  • Master’s degree in marine biology, ecology, coastal habitats and marine fisheries, resource management or relevant field. 
  • A Bachelor’s degree combined with two additional years of relevant professional experience may be accepted in lieu of the Master’s degree. 

3.2 Experience

  • A minimum of 5 – 8 years of progressive working experience in an international and project setting is required. 
  • At least 4 years of this experience must involve managing and/or formulating projects, including elements such as financial/budget management, monitoring and evaluation, and stakeholder management is required.
  • Demonstrated competence in the management of multi-disciplinary projects is highly desirable.
  • Demonstrated experience in regional and intergovernmental negotiations, networking, and the management of project activities in the Caribbean region is preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in Caribbean, and familiarity with its geopolitical, cultural, social and economic setting, highly preferred. 
  • Expertise in managing multiple and high-level stakeholders and government partners, including production and dissemination of public awareness materials would be considered an asset.
  • Strong familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Experience seeing projects through the full life cycle. Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline.
  • Excellent analytical skills. Able to work with data from different sources, and draw logical and meaningful conclusions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.

3.3 Language

  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required; 
  • Working knowledge of other regional languages is an asset (Dutch, French, and/or Spanish).

3.4 Additional Desirable

  • Ability to multitask and monitor several project activities on a daily basis.
  • Being proactive and willing to take initiative.
  • Experience and/or aptitude for information and data analysis, project communications, and/or the review and analysis of academic research, technical reports, and policy documents.
  • Experience living or working in Sint Maarten.
  • Experience in environmental management in Sint Maarten and experience in engaging with Sint Maarten institutions is a strong asset.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is desirable.
  • Scuba Diving certification with commercial/scientific diving experience is a bonus.
  • Power boat Captain’s license to handle a power boat safely is desired.

4. Other Relevant Information

Term:                                  12-months fixed term contract

Salary:                               Salary to be negotiated based on qualifications, maximum gross monthly salary of EUR 4,600.00.

Working Hours:               Full-time, 40 hours per week. The majority of the work will follow normal working hours, however early morning, evenings, and weekends work will be required, in case of events, activities, trainings and fieldwork.

Location:                           This position is based on Sint Maarten. Applicants will need to provide evidence that they are entitled to work in the Sint Maarten.

Annual Leave:                  15 days / year for a full-time position

Ideal Start Date:              asap, April 1, 2023

5. To Apply for Position

CORENA Project Assistant (RESEMBID)

Project: Coastal Resilience Needs Assessment (CORENA)

Job type: Full time

Duration: Approximately 12 months

Start date: April 2023

About the project:

The aim of project CORENA is to advance progress towards sustainable and resilient area-based (spatial) management of the marine and coastal environment of Sint Maarten. The specific objectives of project CORENA are to enhance the capacity of the Ministry of VROMI for evidence-based policy development and to increase the knowledge and willingness of the public to engage in sustainable practices. This project consists of 3 components: (1) Biodiversity Research, (2) Resilience Planning and (3) Outreach. View Project Coordinator Job Description for full Project info.


Support the Biodiversity Research and Outreach project components:

  • Assist with marine field data collection, and outreach of research activities.
  • Develop the education and outreach campaign.
  • Assist with the procurement of necessary equipment and materials.
  • Design of project communication materials.
  • Develop and execute baseline and evaluation surveys.
  • Support project reporting requirements.


  • Necessary documentation to work on Sint Maarten.

Qualifications needed:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in marine biology, ecology, resource management, or other relevant field.
  • Experience assisting and working in a multidisciplinary project setting.
  • Experience with writing reports and press releases.
  • Experience in producing and executing educational outreach campaigns and materials.
  • Experience producing and executing surveys, and analyzing produced data.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Scuba diving qualifications.

Preferable qualifications:

  • Knowledge of other regional languages, such as Dutch, Spanish and/or French.
  • Knowledge of behavioral change theory.
  • Experience working in the Caribbean.
  • Scientific/commercial diving qualifications.
  • Power boat license.

 Last updated 24/November/2022.