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Science Officer

The Nature Foundation St Maarten is looking for a Science Officer

The Nature Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, managing the marine and terrestrial protected areas of Sint Maarten and is recognized as the organization to assist Government in all issues related to the management and research of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of St. Maarten and its preservation.

Through three key pillars of education, preservation, and research the Nature Foundation executes its tasks regarding the protection of the island. The Science Officer will be tasked with providing scientific guidance and support for the Nature Foundation.

Responsibilities Science Officer:

The Science Officer will be responsible for the research and monitoring projects, including the Sea Turtle Monitoring program, GCRMN Coral Reef Monitoring program, Seagrass mapping and analysis, and more. Focus will be given to managing these research projects, guiding interns or project staff on research as well as data analysis, identifying other research and ecosystem management opportunities, providing expert advise to both the foundation and the Government of St. Maarten when requested.

The Science Officer will also assist with various other tasks of the Foundation when possible, such as conducting patrols, responding to environmental incidents, providing dive team assistance, and taking an active role in public outreach and awareness activities.

This staff member should work in a responsible and independent manner, take initiative, maintain a positive attitude, follow instructions from and report to the Manager of the Nature Foundation.

Science Officer Tasks:

  • Responsible for implementation and year reporting for Nature Foundation Research Projects.
  • Responsible for planning and safely implement and execute all fieldwork tasks pertaining to research activities.
  • Provide administration tasks, outreach materials and reporting for the research and preservation activities.
  • Attend workshops and training in relation to project position.
  • Preform the Foundation in their activities and tasks when needed.
  • Enthusiastically attend events and activities from the Foundation.
  • Follow regulations of the Foundation and be part of the team.
  • Active and positive attitude towards any project or research conducted by the Foundation.
  • Follow up on any tasks not completed on a day-to-day basis.
  • Create outreach materials relating to activities.
  • Log and report on activities conducted for the project and Foundation.
  • Guide fellow Nature Foundation Team Members on scientific matters

Candidate Profile:

The qualifications listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability that are common indicators that a person can do this position well. Training and professional development can be provided for those that are inspired by this position but may not meet all of the requirements.

  • Project management experience and skills is highly desired.
  • Research fieldwork experience is highly desired
  • Physically fit, handy person and able to spend prolonged hours in the field in hot climate.
  • Able to work independent and take on responsibility and initiative to execute activities.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a related field is required.  
  • Responsible, reliable, self-motivated and communicative person.
  • Minimum of Advanced Open Water Certification is required and strong preference will be given to those with experience in scientific diving.
  • Experience in reporting is required, specifically Rapid Environmental Assessments is desired
  • Motivated to and have affinity with protecting the environment, nature, and marine life.
  • Excellent computer and writing skills, especially with Microsoft Office programs and email.
  • Valid driver’s license is required.
  • Fluent in English. Knowledge of Dutch, French and Spanish is an asset.
  • Available to work outside regular working hours in case of events, activities or fieldwork.
  • Power boat Captain’s license to handle a power boat safely is a bonus.

Work Schedule:

  • Full-time 40 hours per week position, starting as soon as possible.

Salary to be negotiated based on qualifications.

To apply for position email resume/CV and cover letter to:

 Last updated 24/November/2022.