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Hiring now for a Terrestrial Ranger- Invasive Species Management Project.

Applications due by August 31st, 2022

Terrestrial Ranger- Invasive Species Management

The Nature Foundation St Maarten is looking for a Terrestrial Ranger to Manage Invasive Species.

The Nature Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, managing the marine and terrestrial protected areas of Sint Maarten and is recognized as the organization to assist Government in all issues related to the management and research of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of St. Maarten and its preservation.

Invasive species cause significant negative impacts to ecosystems and to people worldwide, the effects of the increasing invasive monkey population on St. Maarten are very worrisome. The aim of this invasive species management is to protect St. Maarten’s native flora and fauna, and the island’s local agricultural prospects, which are currently under threat from the unprecedented challenges posed by the invasive vervet monkey population. The purpose of the project is also to prevent health and safety issues for residents and visitors alike. This will lead to a more self-sustainable St. Maarten with increased agriculture activities, which shows resilience against future disasters and climate change.

As part of the Nature Foundation’s Management Agreement with the VROMI Ministry, the Foundation is requested by government and parliament to implement an Invasive Species Management project, concentrated to manage and reduce the invasive monkey population on St. Maarten. Funding has been allocated for this project for a 3-year period with option of continuation after.

Responsibilities Terrestrial Ranger:

The Terrestrial Ranger will be responsible for implementing the Invasive Species Management project and all Monkey Management activities. The Terrestrial Ranger will report directly to the Manager of the Nature Foundation and will be responsible for all administration, outreach, and reporting tasks of the Monkey Management Project, but will get assistance from other staff. The ranger will be predominantly responsible to implement the field tasks for the project. Field tasks include the management and maintenance of field materials and equipment, setting of baited traps, studying monkey population movements, trapping and darting of monkeys, and transporting sedated monkeys to the veterinary hospital to be euthanized. The terrestrial ranger is responsible for the purchase of Foundation equipment and materials related to the project and maintains and operates the vehicle used for the project.

The terrestrial ranger will also be assisting with various other tasks of the Foundation when possible, such as conducting patrols, assist with scientific research projects and water quality testing, responding to environmental incidents and assist with conducting sea turtle nesting patrols or mooring maintenance.

The terrestrial ranger should work in a responsible and independent manner, take initiative, maintain a positive attitude, follow instructions from and report to the Manager of the Nature Foundation.

Terrestrial Ranger Tasks:

  • Responsible for implementation and year reporting for the Invasive Species Management Project and monkey management activities on St. Maarten.
  • Responsible for safely implementing and executing all fieldwork tasks pertaining to Monkey Management activities. Including trap development and setting of traps, following monkey troops, improve darting skills and coordinate with veterinary services for activities and euthanasia. 
  • Align and implement all contractual obligations for this project.
  • Provide administration tasks, outreach materials and reporting for the project.
  • Attend workshops and training in relation to project position.
  • Safely drive, clean and prepare the vehicle for project usage, including materials needed.
  • Purchase necessary equipment and materials for project.
  • Assist the Foundation in their activities and tasks when needed.
  • Enthusiastically attend events and activities from the Foundation.
  • Follow regulations of the Foundation and be part of the team.
  • Active and positive attitude towards any project or research conducted by the Foundation.
  • Independently follow up on any tasks not completed on a day-to-day basis.
  • Assist with creating social media and news articles relating to progress in the project. Drafting of posters and flyers, as well as other educational material.
  • Log and report on activities conducted for the project and Foundation.
  • Assist the Marine Park Ranger in his tasks.

Candidate Profile:

The qualifications listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability that are common indicators that a person can do this position well. Training and professional development can be provided for those that are inspired by this position but may not meet all of the requirements.

  • Project management experience and skills is highly desired.
  • Fieldwork experience such as hunting, trapping of different species or designing species traps is required.
  • Physically fit, handy person and able to spend prolonged hours in the field in hot climate.
  • Able to work independent and take on responsibility and initiative to execute project.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferable in an environmental field would be desired but is not required.
  • Responsible, reliable, self-motivated and communicative person.
  • Understanding invasive species management and the negative impacts on the ecosystem, strong motivation for the subject is needed.
  • Able to create safe working environment and connect to communities and property owners for support.
  • Motivated to and have affinity with protecting the environment, nature, and marine life.
  • Decent computer and writing skills, especially with Microsoft Office programs and email.
  • Valid St. Maarten driver’s license is required.
  • Fluent in English. Knowledge of Dutch, French and Spanish is an asset.
  • Applicants must have a valid residency with a work permit for St. Maarten.
  • Available to work outside regular working hours in case of events, activities or fieldwork.
  • Scuba Diving certification with experience is a bonus.
  • Power boat Captain’s license to handle a power boat safely is a bonus.

Work Schedule:

  • This is a full-time 40 hours per week position with a one-year appointment, starting in August or September 2022.
  • The majority of the work will follow normal working hours, however early morning, evenings, and weekends work will be required, in case of events, activities, trainings and fieldwork.
  • Work will take place within the Nature Foundation St. Maarten, prolonged hours of field work are often required in St. Maarten’s terrestrial nature areas. 

Salary to be negotiated based on qualifications, maximum gross salary of NAF 4270.00 due to project funding.

To apply for position email resume/CV and cover letter to:

All applications should be received no later than August 31, 2022.

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