The Nature Foundation only responds to public environmental issues, but there are organizations and businesses included on this page that can help with bee relocation, pet welfare, local agriculture, and more.

These resources are applicable to Sint Maarten and only include businesses on the “Dutch side.” For matters regarding French Saint-Martin, please contact the Réserve Naturelle for more information.

If you are a business or operator that would like your information included or removed from this page, please reach out to us at

Bee Relocation

Omarco Robinson
  • Whatsapp: 5277243
Beekeeping and Bee Hive Removals of SXM

Pest Control


Pet Welfare

SXM Paws
Animal Defenders
SXM Lost & Found Pets
St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic
The Island Vet

Farmers and Fisherman

Spaceless Gardens at the SXM Agriculture Research
and Development Center
SXM Fisheries NV
  • Whatsapp: 5270215
  • Tel: +1 (721) 527-0215
  • Local farm for wholesalers, retailers, and consumers
Edwardo Richardson Memorial Agriculture Foundation
  • Reward Road #37 South Reward, Cul De Sac
  • Email:
  • Tel: +1 (721) 580-5157 or +1 (721) 581-7361
  • Agricultural production, research and education, and farmers markets
Simpson Bay Fish Market
  • Airport Road #2, behind Coast Guard building, Simpson Bay
  • Market for local fisherman to sell their catch

Emergency Services


St. Maarten Medical Center
  • Welgelegen Road #30 Unit 1, Cay Hill
  • Tel: 910 / +1 (721) 543-1111
  • Diving and environmental disaster care
Ambulance Services
  • Tel: 919 / 543-1316 or VHF Channel 16
  • Immediate care for diving accidents
  • Tel: 911 / 542-2222
  • Enforcement of public law
Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard
  • Airport Road #2, Simpson Bay
  • Tel: 913 / +1 (721) 545-5075
  • VHF: Channel 16
  • Boating incidents and at-sea violations, use of illegal spearguns and nets
Fire Department
  • Jackal Road 5, Cay Hill  
  • Tel: 919 / 543-1316
  • Bonfires on the beach, firework violations

Governmental Operations

VROMI (Ministry Of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure)
  • Gov. Administration Building, Soualuiga Road #1 Pond Island, Great Bay
  • Site: Click here
  • Sewage and waste issues, construction and development, property lines
TEATT (Ministry Of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication)
  • Gov. Administration Building, Soualiga Road #1 Pond Island, Great Bay
  • Site: Click here
  • Maritime and fishing violations

Stingray, Jellyfish, Urchin, and Fire Coral Care