In order to dive in St. Maarten’s waters, all visitors must:

Fees generated by visitation to the Marine Park and other diving sites help fund conservation research, maintain the moorings, and manage the protected area. The Nature Foundation welcomes and depends on the financial support of park visitors and donors to keep the area healthy, protected, and safe!

Registering For Dive Tags

Each user on a vessel (including surface support) must purchase a dive tag to dive or snorkel in St. Maarten’s waters and use the moorings. The dive tags are authenticated by online QR codes that can be scanned for your contact information. Visitors diving with a local guide should check with their dive shop to see if the cost of tags was included in their diving package fee, or if it must be purchased separately.

To obtain a dive tag, go online to to purchase an individual daily pass for $3/day or $15/year. Discounts are available for bulk orders on behalf of dive shops; please contact us for more information.

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Registering Your Boat

Using St. Maarten’s dive moorings with your own boat is permitted, but you are required to register your boat and pay an annual fee, which is valid from point of purchase until the end of the calendar year. The vessel must abide by all the rules listed in the agreement, including the size and weight limitation, anchoring ban, and surface support requirement.

To register your vessel, please download the form, fill it out, and email or drop off the registration to the Nature Foundation. Once filled out, please safeguard the completed original form in your office, and keep a copy on the boat or have a photo on your smartphone with you. The $250/year fee cannot be paid online and must be sent via wire transfer, check, or cash. The registration is not valid until payment is complete.

  • Check name: Nature Foundation St. Maarten
  • Bank details: WIB Bank Acc # 21899303, Foundation for the Management and Conservation of Nature on SXM
  • Address: Wellsburg Street 1A, Apt 25+26, Cole Bay, Sint Maarten, Dutch Caribbean (call beforehand)
  • Hours: 8 AM – 4 PM
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (721) 544-4267
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