You can help protect St. Maarten’s natural areas and wildlife by donating to the Nature Foundation.

We welcome – and depend on – the financial support of people like you. Donations help fund conservation research, maintain the moorings, and manage the protected area. There are several ways to support us, including directly via PayPal and Reef Support. For a donation of $10, you can also receive an Eco-Bracelet from our office in Cole Bay or purchase your dive tag or vessel registration.

Whether your donation is $5, $50, or $5000, any gift makes an important difference for nature on St. Maarten.

Donate directly via Paypal. All PayPal donations to the Nature Foundation are processed via the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), our parent organisation, and could be tax-deductible in your country.
Donate by purchasing an Eco-Bracelet. By wearing our Eco-Bracelet, you symbolize your commitment to a clean and sustainable island. The Eco-Bracelet is available for a donation of $10 and can be picked up at our office in Cole Bay.
Donate by purchasing a dive tag. By paying the dive tag fee to use the moorings around St. Maarten, you help fund their care and maintenance, and contribute to the protection of the island’s incredible marine zones.
Donate by registering your personal vessel. The fees associated with annual personal boat registration to use St. Maarten’s moorings and enter the marine park go directly into our conservation, education, and research efforts.

Thank you!