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Welcome to the official website of Nature Foundation St. Maarten!

Nature Foundation is located on the island of St. Martin, which lies in the Caribbean Sea Image of rock from back bay and is located in the Greater Antilles east of the U.S. Virgin Islands at 18'03N latitude and 63'06W longitude. Two countries share the 37 square miles land mass (9,582.95 hectare).

The northern, French half is called Saint-Martin and is an overseas department of France. The southern, Dutch half is called St. Maarten falling under the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Together, they are known as St. Martin.

Nature Foundation manages the St. Maarten Marine Park, the only designated nature park area of the island. The establishment of a terrestrial park will one day be a reality and with these two nature parks combined, a national parks system.

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Current Projects & Programs

Nature Foundation has spearheaded a number of projects over the years and is also presently active in various activities that help to promote environmental awareness in the community and conserve our fragile marine life.
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Marine Mammals Sightings

Nature Foundation St. Maarten would like to get you involved in recording marine mammal sightings around the coastal areas of St. Maarten. We would be please if you could print out and complete the following form and submit the contents via the information included in the form:

The Marine Mammal Sighting Form



Our Lionfish Action Plan

Our Bleaching Response Plan



Economic Valuation Study

Water Quality Testing

Mullet Pond Study



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L. de Lima
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B. Nisbeth


Educational activities for Kids

Hello Kids! We have quite a number of fun nature topics about plants and animals that you can learn about and activities that you can download and print.
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