Please report injured wild animals or certain species of invasive wildlife to the Nature Foundation! We are the only entity on St. Maarten capable of responding to wildlife incidents, so reach out as soon as possible.

Reporting an Injured Animal

If you encounter an injured wild animal, such as a sea turtle, bird, raccoon, monkey, or mongoose, please do not approach it! Many of our wild species are protected and it is illegal to handle them without proper permitting. Additionally, injured animals are often fearful and will bite to protect themselves.

Instead, note their location in proximity to a recognizable landmark, take photos of the animal from a distance of 6 meters/20 feet, and call us at +1 (721) 544-4267 to report the injured animal. If after hours or on the weekend, please email at with those details.

Please note that we do not respond to incidents involving domestic animals, including dogs, cats, goats, horses, or pigs. Check out our Contacts and Referrals page to find an organization that may help.

Reporting an Invasive Species

The Nature Foundation collects data for certain invasive species sightings, including snakes, mongoose, and raccoons. You can submit information associated with your sighting by emailing with the following details. Thank you so much for your contribution to citizen science! Send us the:

  • Species of animal
  • Date and time of day of the sighting
  • Which area of St. Maarten the animal was seen
  • What location specifically the animal was in, with a landmark reference
  • If the animal appeared injured, and if so, how and to what extent