Spinner Dolphins

Spinner dolphins get their common name from their habit of jumping out of the water and spinning several times in the air before re-entering the water. Scientists are unsure of the reason for this behavior; theories include removing parasites, communicating with other dolphins, or just having fun.

Photo by HAMID ELBAZ on Pexels.com

Long-snouted Spinner Dolphins tend to travel in pods of 20 to 200 individuals, although they have been known to travel in pods of over 1,000 dolphins! They often associate with other dolphin species, small whales, as well as Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares).

Spinner dolphins are very sociable and communicate with each other through many sounds, including clicks and whistles. They also caress each other. They have a small, slender body with small pointed flippers and a triangular dorsal fin, as well as a long, thin beak that is grey above and white below.