Each boat needs to register annually if it wants to enter the Marine Park protected area and use dive site moorings. Visitors will need to purchase a “user tags” or ‘Marine Park Tag” at sintmaarten.reefsupport.org, to compensate for the cost of protecting, maintaining the park and dive moorings.

The mooring fee is set at USD 250 per year per boat and needs to be paid to the Nature Foundation St. Maarten to be able to use dive site moorings and to enter the marine protected area.

Nature Foundation St Maarten

Funds generated through the sales of user tags and mooring fees are being used directly towards the management and maintenance of the moorings and the marine protected area.

We kindly ask each operator and boater that would like to use the dive sites for 2020, to register their boats and pay a mooring fee for each boat. Operators can download the boat mooring registration form from the website, a filled in copy need to be send to info@naturefoundationsxm.org.

Once filled out, please safeguard the filled out, original form in your office and keep a copy in the boat or have a photo on your smartphone with you.

We count on your cooperation and understanding to perform these boat registration tasks and pay the fees so the foundation can continue to protect our vulnerable and valuable coral reefs.

If you ever see a damaged or missing mooring, please contact the Nature Foundation by email or phone so the necessary repairs can be done.