Are you interested in exploring the beautiful underwater world of St. Maarten? Find everything you need to know below!

Whether you are diving with one of the amazing companies on-island or hoping to dive from your own boat, there are rules and regulations to follow and valuable information below!

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Find general information about diving on St. Maarten as well as dive site locations via Google Maps.

Diver Resources includes dive site names and depths, emergency numbers, foundation news and more.

An in-depth look at the Flora and Fauna on St. Maarten. Including marine mammals, common fish species, sea turtle and shark information.

Learn about St. Maarten’s Marine Protected Area including the rules and regulations you must follow.

Purchase an Eco-Bracelet, donate to the park or find out how else to contribute to The Nature Foundation.

Important information about how to register your boat, how to prevent Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease and more.

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