Nature Foundation Assesses Marine Park and Dive Sites After Irma

Due to Hurricane Irma causing significant damage to underwater life because of storm surge and strong water motion, the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation conducted initial Marine Park and Dive Site assessment to determine the level of impact underwater. Initial marine assessment was carried out from the 28th of September until the 6th of October 2017.

Cow and Calf

Cow and Calf is one of our more remote Atlantic Ocean dive sites. During the winter months migrating Humpback whales can often be heard signing while diving this site. Neat rock formations and fields of gorgonians characterize this rarely visited dive site that starts at 60 feet of water. Dive depth: 60 ft (20 m)

Moon Hole

Moon hole is called after the curious circular rock formation that is often too difficult to dive due to the large Atlantic swells. When conditions are right this 60 feet (20 m) deep dive site is eerie with numerous Tarpon schooling right outside the hole. Dive depth: 60 ft (20 m)

Pelican Rock

Pelican Rock is on the Eastern Shore of the island on the Atlantic Coast. When weather permits this is one of the more pristine dive sites on St. Maarten with numerous coral formations and healthy fish life. It starts at approximately 60 feet. Dive depth: 60 ft (20 m)

Cable Reef

Cable Reef is named after the former Fiber Optic Cable that directly bisects the reef. It is the deepest dive site within the Marine Park starting at seventy feet. It is an area frequented by sharks, turtles and other large pelagic life. Wreck Depth: 45-65ft.

Proselyte Reef

Proselyte Reef, just outside Philipsburg, is the signature dive site within the Man of War Shoal Marine Protected Area. Site is named after the H.M.S. Proselyte that struck the shallow area in September 1801. There are numerous old cannons, ballast stones and anchors at the site as wel l as a profusion of fish life along the small wall. The site … Continue reading Proselyte Reef