The Nature Foundation St Maarten is looking for a University student who would like to help improve our website User Experience (UX).

As we are a non-profit foundation dependent on outside funding beyond anything but basic operations, we would love it if our supporters would donate more and more often. While we do get a lot of visitors and our articles seem to have a broad reach, <1% results in a donation or fund. We believe the UX on the site could and should support that goal more effectively.

We have a need for someone who’s willing to help us improve the User Experience (UX) of St Maarten Nature Foundation website. We are using a WordPress CMS system and would like to improve the visual aspect of the site without sacrificing the theme nor installing new plugins. At the same time, SEO and UX of the site can be improved to better suit our visitors and hopefully improve donations made to the foundation.


Computer Science or (Industrial, Multimedia) Design major

Duration: 3-6 months


  • Improve website visually to use full width of the canvas wherever possible
  • Improve load time to < 2.0 sec on mobile and desktop
  • Google PageSpeed index >=90 on both mobile and desktop

Optional Goals

  • Improve SEO to attract more visitors
  • Increase donations made to foundation

Requirements & Skills

  • Use for hosting or another SaaS provider of WordPress
  • No new WordPress plugins
  • No theme dependencies (Visual Designers, shortcodes, etc.)
  • Integration with other DCNA sites

We are looking for someone who’d ideally possess some or all of the following skills:

  1. Experienced with or
  2. Experience in website optimization, CDN, caching, load optimization, minify, tiny, etc
  3. Understand what creating a child theme for a given WordPress theme is
  4. SEO savvy


  • we cannot offer you any pay during the internship
  • we cannot offer housing but can assist in contacting local housing parties