Is it legal to fish in St Maarten waters?

  • Recreational fishing is strictly authorized to St Maarten residents only, except in case of possession of fishing license.
  • Commercial fishing and sport fishing always need a fishing license.
  • No type of fishing is permitted in a distance of 50m (150 ft) from any dive sites.
  • Possession or use of spear guns in the water or on land is illegal on St Maarten.
  • No type of fishing whatsoever is allowed in the Marine Protected Area

Can I go spearfishing on St Maarten?

It is illegal to fish with or posses a speargun anywhere on Sint Maarten, excepted in case of in possession of speargun license .

Are the laws for fishing on St Maarten (Dutch side) the same as on Saint Martin (French side)?

No they are not. We only educate the community about the Dutch laws and are not reliably informed about the French laws and regulations.
Always check with local law enforcement!

Can we drive our SUVs and quads on the beaches?

No it is illegal to drive any motorized vehicle or motor bike on our beaches because of the irreparable damage to our wild life (and pollution to our environment). Driving on the beaches can kill sea turtle nests.

I have a nice sailing boat. Can I use your dive moorings to go diving?

Yes you can, but you will need to register your boat and we charge you a boat “mooring fee” to use our dive sites and enter the marine park.

Please download that form from our site and Email us a filled out copy (photo taken with your smartphone will do just fine, thank you!) and pay the mooring fee of $250 per boat by bank transfer or in our office. Additionally, purchase dive tags online for each person on the boat from

Can I drive my quad or car or trailer on the beaches?

It is highly discouraged from driving on any of the beaches. The paths are not hardened or for for transport and you can get stuck easily.

That said, sea turtle nest on our beaches between April and November. Driving is illegal during nesting season as your vehicle will crush and kill a turtle’s eggs in a second.