Nature Foundation Calls on all Local Businesses for their Support


The Nature Foundation St. Maarten is in need of help from local businesses, tour operators, hotels and trade organizations in order to expose their donation page. Currently, the organization could use extra support and awareness from the tourists, tour operators and businesses on the island. The Foundation encounters challenges to receive structural funding in order to improve environmental support and awareness on the island. As such, the Foundation is trying to increase the exposure of their donation page.

‘The assistance of businesses will be highly appreciated in helping us build more awareness and promote Nature Foundation based on the activities we do to preserve the environment of the island. This can be done by incorporating the donation page link to local websites to create environmental exposure for tourists, visitors and businesses” stated Marketing Intern Latisha Richardson.

Through the use of the reef support website, Nature Foundation St. Maarten welcomes and depends on the financial support of tourists, businesses and locals alike. Income generated through donations or the sale of the Nature Fee tags goes directly towards the management and maintenance of the marine protected area and projects such as reducing single-use plastics. This opportunity will be beneficial for our beautiful island as our main focus is to preserve and enhance nature while in the process strengthening the economic and educational value and potential of our natural resources.

“We would like to invite all St Maarten businesses for a meeting in order to discuss possible exposure and support of our donation page, in order to preserve and enhances the natural environment of St. Maarten for generations to come. We are looking forward to your response and cooperation” continued Richardson.

The Nature Foundation can be contacted by email, in case you are interested in exposing the donation page or if you have any more questions.