When visiting St Maarten dive site, don’t forget to buy your Marine Park Tag online!


In July 2018 the Nature Foundation launched a new online Marine Park Tag system; visitors can purchase St Maarten Marine Park Tags directly online via ReefSupport or via the Nature Foundation’s website https://naturefoundationsxm.org/.

The Foundation would like to remind all scuba divers and marine park visitors that purchasing a Marine Park Tag is mandatory for entering St Maarten dive sites. Visitors not able to show their valid Marine Park Tag on Nature Foundation’s request can risk receiving a fee up to US $50.

The new online system to buy a Marine park Tag generates a unique Tag for each user that is received by the buyer via e-mail. Nature Foundation staff and local dive operators can check for validity through a printed version, in the buyers phone, by simply login into the system and search for the buyers name or scanning the QR code of the tag.

The Nature Foundation manages the Man of War Shoal Marine Park, which was established December 31st of 2010. The designation of the marine protected area was a groundbreaking achievement for St. Maarten as it became the country’s first legally protected area. The Nature Foundation also manages and installs all dive moorings on the Dutch side of the Sint Maarten Island; in case of any complications please contact the Nature Foundation. Any additional income generated through the sale of the Marine Park Tags and “nature fees” goes directly towards the management and maintenance of the marine protected area.