Sea Horses

Seahorses eat a diet of tiny living organisms such as daphnia, cyclops, larvae and mysids using their snout in snatch-sucking movements. Their food passes into their digestive systems very quickly because they donít have a stomach and teeth. Seahorses digest their food fast that they need to constantly eat to live. A seahorse that is two weeks old can eat 3000 to 4000 tiny shrimp in a single day.

Illustration of small and large sea horse

Mating and Reproduction
Mating does not only occur between seahorses of the same species but also mating Sea Horsesbetween different species. It is said seahorses utter musical sounds while mating under a full moon. And that they have a single mate for life. Every morning, they come together, dance, change their colour, twirl around with linked tails and then separate for the rest of the day.

Where do baby seahorses come from?
The female seahorse produces eggs but they are held inside the male's body until they hatch. The sea horse is the only animal in the entire animal kingdom in which the father is pregnant. Within two or three weeks between 50 and 1.500 ponies develop inside the maleís pouch, which are living born. Often not all of the babies are born at once but in several phases over some minutes or hours; in extreme cases it takes even one or two days. Some males die a few days after birth of the ponies because of remaining dead babies in the pouch that cause decay and bacterial infection.

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