Hello kids! My name is Scout and I'm a Hawksbill sea turtle.

This page is especially for you. Did you know that St. Maarten has many different animals and plants? Especially in our sea we find not only colourful reef fishes but also seahorses, conch and my family, the sea turtles.

Of course there are many more kinds of marine life that live on and around the coral reefs but we have highlighted just a few for you. On these pages you will also learn about mangroves and why they are important for our reefs.

As a fun learning activity, some of the topics include a quiz that you can download and print. So open the pages to learn about these cool animals and plants!

Learn about Coral ReefsCoral Reefs

LeMangrovesarn about Mangroves

Learn about the Queen ConchQueen Conch

Learn about Sea horsesSea Horses

Learn about the Sea turtleSea Turtles

Learn about SeagrassSeagrass