International Partners

WIDECAST LogoWider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Organization (WIDECAST)
The Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST) was founded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1981 to prepare a "Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Recovery Action Plan ... consistent with the Action Plan for the [UNEP] Caribbean Environment Programme." WIDECAST’s goal is to realize a future where all inhabitants of the Wider Caribbean Region, human and sea turtle alike, can live together in balance.

The volunteer network is comprised of Country Coordinators (mainly sea turtle experts and natural resource professionals) in more than 30 Caribbean States and territories. Because each Coordinator works closely with a national coalition of stakeholders, WIDECAST embraces several hundred scientists, conservationists, resource managers, resource users, policy-makers, educators and others.

Nature Foundation is proud to be a member of WIDECAST since 1998!